The Limits to One’s Desires

Images is the work of Sean McCabe.

When studying multicultural literature, a person is met with a world of history, expression and passion. Thus, when teaching themes like love and limitation to high school students – it is important to remember they are young. Youth is the focal point of passion, love, but limitations are focused on considerably less. Classic of Poetry, and the works of Confucius both are rich in cultural ideals, traditions, standards, but also love and limitations. In the Classics, which were written during the Zhou Dynasty; these poems speak about love, idealism and limitations. A perfect poem to use to depict the themes mentioned previously would be, “Zhongzi, Please”. This tale speaks of a young couple madly in love, yet out of respect for each other and their families Zhongzi will not visit his lover at her home. Now this can be a difficult concept for young students to grasp. Due to that it is important to incorporate other literature into the lesson such as, Romeo and Juliet a classic by Shakespeare.

“You must confine yourself within the limitations of order”

William Shakespeare

Although, with such a lesson it is critical to address the fact that love does not have to be expressed towards another. In the works of Confucius, a person can see the love of one’s home, duty and of course education/learning. A great way to get students involved in such a heavy content driven lesson, would be to include popular movies. For example, many Christmas titles have heavy themes of love of family, tradition, and that special someone. On the other hand, inspirational films about education such as the, “Dead Poets Society”. High school students have a tendency to learn best when they can see a theme being applied to real life situations.

(Featured Image is taken from Journey of Perplexity).

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